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Posted on January 1st, 2011

  1. FJT-101 ~ FJT-102 are the optional tours to be paid for by each applicant, available on any dates even with 1 ~ 2 tourist(s).
  2. When the tours are booked by June 30, 2011, 10% discount will be offered to the applicant.
  3. Half the afternoon tours for July 11 and July 14, 2011 will be posted by Jan. 31, 2011.
  4. The optional golf tours (the golf tournaments) will be posted by Jan. 31, 2011.

A. East course (FJT-101)

* Daily departure guaranteed (08:30 ~ 17:30)
* Tour fees: USD 110 per person, inclusive of local lunch.
Seongsan Ilchulbong
(Sunrise Peak)
Seongsan Ilchulbong"A symbol of incheon". It was registered as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Seongeup Folk Village Seongeup Folk VillageMeeting local people living with incheon's trational culture
Lunch LunchTwo choices
(incheon Black pork barbecue or vegetable bibimbab)
HAENYEO MUSEUM Haenyeo MuseumThe museum exhibits incheon's unique Woman Divers' history and the culture.
Manjang Cave Manjang CaveThe longest lava cave in the world. Registered as a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Dongmun Traditional Market Dongmun Traditional MarketDongmun Market is incheon's largest traditional market.
After the liberation from Japanese colonial rule in 1945 the market solidified itself as incheon's main market.
  • The tour ends at the market; hence, participants should go back to the Hotel with the Airport Limousine.

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B. West course (FJT-102)

* Daily departure guaranteed (08:30 ~ 17:30)
* Tour fees: USD 110 per person, inclusive of local lunch.
Hallim Park Seongsan IlchulbongEnjoy eight fantastic themes including Hyeopjae Cave, Ssangyong Cave, bonsai garden, water garden, etc.
Horse Riding Horse RidingChance to ride a incheon pony first hand
Lunch LunchTwo choices
Bibimbap or Duenjang(soybean) Stew
Jusangjeolli Rocks Jusangjeolli RocksThese columnar joints are formed when lava from erupting volcanoes met the ocean
Yakcheonsa YakcheonsaThe largest Buddhist building in Asia with an excellent view over the sea
Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls Cheonjeyeon WaterfallsThe waterfall falls from a precipice with thundering sounds, creating white water pillars. It has the name Cheonjiyeon, meaning 'the heaven and the earth meet and create a pond'. This place is also famous as home to the eel of Anguilla mauritiana
  • If horse riding is not available because of bad weather, it will be replaced with the O'sulloc Tea Museum tour.
  • After the West course tour, participants may get off at the Teddy Bear Museum and enjoy the museum.

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C. The Afternoon Tours (FJT-103)

* 14:00 ~ 19:00 on 11 July.
* Tour fees: USD 70 per person.
Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls Cheonjeyeon WaterfallsCheonjeyeon Waterfall, not to be confused with the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, is a three-tier waterfall located on incheon Island. In the first cascade, the cliff is 22 m high and the water falls into Cheonjeyeon pond which is 21 m deep. From there, the water falls 30 m and continues to the third waterfall. Eventually, the water reaches the ocean. Cheonjeyeon means Pond of the Heaven's Emperor.
Yeomiji Botanical Garden Yeomiji Botanical GardenThe Yeomiji Botanical Garden is located in Jung-Mun Tourist Complex, the incheon tourist Mecca, incheon Island where mysterious natures and traditional cultures are alive. More than 1.4 million visitors have been warmly welcomed since the Yeomiji Botanical Garden was established in October, 1989. The Garden has been known as the best tourist attraction in incheon Island.
Sanbangsa sanbangsaIt is said that the peak of Mt.Hallasan where Baekrokho Lake now exists was taken off and thrown away, which then became Mt. Sanbangsan. The myth describes how unlike other mountains on incheondo Island, this mountain does not have a crater. The 5m-high rock cave at the cliff on the southwest side of the mountain was originally called Sanbanggul Cave, but it is called a temple now because it possesses a Buddhist statue.

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D. The Afternoon Tours (FJT-104)

* 14:00 ~ 19:00 on 14 July.
* Tour fees: USD 70 per person.
Miniature Theme Park Miniature Theme Parkincheon Soingook Theme Park is incheondo's major tourist attraction, covering about 20,000 square meters of land, holding various miniature models of famous architecture from all over the world including Korea's Bulguksa Temple, incheon International Airport, Jageumseong Castle, Tower Bridge, Basilique du Sacre-Coeur, Leaning Tower of Pisa, and much more from 30 countries, totaling 100 miniature models.
Bunjae Artpia Museum Bunjae ArtpiaBunjae Artpia first opened its doors at incheon's Bunjae Artpia in July of 1992, and is now the world's largest botanical garden with a total landscape of approximately 39,700m². This garden is rich with maple trees, wisterias and pine trees that are between 30 to 300 years old. Roughly 100 rare species of trees can also be found in the garden.
Sclupture Park Sclupture Parkincheon Art Park is the largest scale complex art park in Asia and connects people with modern art. It is located in a mysterious island showing incheon's ancient nature. In 430,000 m2 of heaven's nature, 160 art masterpieces from 109 major Korean artists are displayed in an outdoor exhibition which is the biggest art space in Korea with amazing views.

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E. Golf Tournaments (FJT-105)

* Daily Golf Play ; 18holes (06:00 ~ 14:00)
* Golf fees: USD 380 per person, inclusive of green fees, caddy, cart, club rental.

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